Catered Parties and Events!

Date and time? Check. Guest list? Check. Location? Check. Food?! Leave the food to us! Parties are fun but can be a lot of work for the host. Dominion [...]

Catered Parties and Events!2021-06-03T21:15:03+00:00

Wedding season is upon us!

Beef, fish, or vegetarian? Does it matter if your guests won’t remember it? Catering is exspensive, so why not give your guests something to rave about for years to [...]

Wedding season is upon us!2021-06-03T20:54:34+00:00

Plan Your Next Corporate Event with Us

The pandemic has been hard on businesses for various reasons. Whether your business had to cut hours or your staff was required to work overtime to cover for those [...]

Plan Your Next Corporate Event with Us2021-06-03T15:22:48+00:00

Stay tuned…

Stay tuned! We are writing helpful content to help you determine how we can better serve you.

Stay tuned…2021-03-23T14:39:42+00:00
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