Date and time? Check. Guest list? Check. Location? Check. Food?! Leave the food to us!

Parties are fun but can be a lot of work for the host. Dominion Dogs offers a variety of gourmet hot dogs as well as NC-style BBQ sandwiches, chips, and drinks. Interested in something other than American fare? Ask about our taco menu.

Our cart runs off propane so there is no generator noise like you would get with a traditional food truck setup. It is also compact for more dynamic, outdoor arrangements and has a nostalgic look and feel that can be spruced up with lights and party decor for corporate catering, family gatherings, parties, weddings, birthdays, and other events.

Also offering:
  • Hot dogs
  • NC-style BBQ
  • Biscuit sandwiches
  • Kettle corn
  • Caramel apples
  • Cotton candy

Contact us to cater your next event!